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Enough Food IF

January 29, 2013


  Join the campaign now! This year, many of the world’s most powerful leaders will meet in the UK. They must change the future for millions of people who live with the day to day struggle against hunger. But that will only happen IF we get together and make them act.

The Crisis in Europe

June 6, 2012


Remarks at the Festival of Economics, Trento Italy | George Soros. Until recently, my interpretation of financial markets was either ignored or dismissed by academic economists. All this has changed since the crash of 2008. Reflexivity became recognized but, with the exception of Imperfect Knowledge Economics, the foundations of economic theory have not been subjected […]

Paul Krugman: ‘I’m sick of being Cassandra. ‘

June 4, 2012


 I’d like to win for once’ | Business | The Guardian. The American economist has a plan to escape the financial crisis, and it doesn’t involve austerity measures or deregulating the banks. But will policy-makers, including our coalition government, heed his advice?

Spain’s Indignados protest here to stay

May 16, 2012


BBC News – Spain’s Indignados protest here to stay. Spain’s grassroots protest movement called Los Indignados – “the indignant ones” – is a year old.