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Angela Merkel’s Pyrrhic Victory

October 9, 2013


Angela Merkel’s Pyrrhic Victory by George Soros – Project Syndicate BUDAPEST – As far as Germany is concerned, the drama of the euro crisis is over. The subject was barely discussed in the country’s recent election campaign. Chancellor Angela Merkel did what was necessary to ensure the euro’s survival, and she did so at the […]

The Crisis in Europe

June 6, 2012


Remarks at the Festival of Economics, Trento Italy | George Soros. Until recently, my interpretation of financial markets was either ignored or dismissed by academic economists. All this has changed since the crash of 2008. Reflexivity became recognized but, with the exception of Imperfect Knowledge Economics, the foundations of economic theory have not been subjected […]

Spain: Resisting a bailout

June 6, 2012


BBC News – Spain: Resisting a bailout. They are playing defence in Madrid. And the moves are familiar. They have been played before in Ireland, Portugal and Greece. The denials become ever more insistent that a bail-out is not needed. “The men in black will not be coming to Spain,” said a senior minister yesterday.

Our future is in the hands of men who havent grown up

June 4, 2012


| John Harris | Comment is free | The Guardian. In past crises our leaders had age and experience. Now they come across as dilettantes distracted by games on their iPads

One bust bank could bring Spain to its knees

May 29, 2012


One bust bank could bring Spain to its knees, warns prime minister | Business | The Guardian. Spain cannot afford to let a single bank or regional government collapse as that would bring the entire country to its knees, the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, warned on Monday.

It’s Time to Stop Using Chewing Gum and Chicken Wire in Spain

May 21, 2012


It’s Time to Stop Using Chewing Gum and Chicken Wire in Spain. By Edward Hugh  – Don’t Shoot the Messenger – EconoMonitor “Every leg of the eurozone crisis has been marked by denial of the full scale of the problems. Whether Spain’s authorities have been deceitful or wilfully blind makes little difference at this point. […]

BBC News – What ails the Spanish economy?

May 14, 2012


Once again, markets are becoming nervous about lending to a eurozone government. This time it’s Spain’s turn.