China pivots to Latin America

Posted on 08/10/2013


China Daily Mail

In September of this year, China announced a $40 billion investment to build a canal through Nicaragua that is to be an incredible engineering marvel. The proposed canal is still in the early stages of development, and was rapidly pushed through the Nicaraguan parliament earlier this year. The potential waterway is expected to dwarf the Panama Canal both in economic prospects and in sheer size and glamour. The Panama Canal has long been associated with the military and economic might of America in the region.

However, with the proposed Nicaraguan Canal, it represents a shift in world geopolitics with China becoming an economic powerhouse in the region that is long considered to be America’s private backyard. With America preoccupied with the “Pivot to Asia” and neglecting Latin America, China is stepping up with its own “Pivot to Latin America.”

China is right to work towards closer relations with…

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