Posted on 19/02/2013


Left of Center & South of Normal

So way back when – before full-time writing and before MMA – I wrote a blog, and every Friday I used to drop a song that meant something to me.

I called it “Soundtrack of My Life” (SOML) because every song had a meaning. Some were life-long favorites, others were in the moment jams that spoken to me then and there.

Now that I’m back at this – and I promise to be back at this with more consistency moving forward – the soundtrack needs to start playing again.

Today’s tune is one that is both an all-time classic (IMO) and one that is fitting to me right now – “Mass Appeal” by Gang Starr. I’ve used this track as the introduction to podcasts I’ve done in the past, and it’s on the old school mixed CD I have playing in my car right now too.

Yes – I still…

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