Posted on 19/02/2013


Word up!

Left of Center & South of Normal

This is magic on so many levels for me, and still feels that way all these years later.

Before he was an actor and simply went by Common, Serena Williams’ ex-BF went by Common Sense, and he dropped this jewel on the world.

Almost 19 years after its initial release, this track still holds up, and truthfully, has become an even stronger representation of my connection with hip hop with each passing year. Right now, I used to love H.E.R. is the best way to describe my relationship with the music that was so vital to my formative years.

I don’t listen to much hip hop these days – at least not what is currently out there in heavy rotation – because it doesn’t have the elements I’m looking for anymore. While there are undoubtedly a few dutiful, talented artists out there delivering brilliance, that population has been in steady…

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