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We have visited all of the English consonants… except for /h/

 Journey 1

Say this pair /hiːt/ and /iːt/ (heat, eat)

What do you do differently in the first word to sound the /h/?

It’s hard to tell at first isn’t it, because the movement for /h/ is so slight…

OK, so say it again, really slowly, like this: /h….iː….t…./ and try to find the slight movement that gives you /h/.

What you can notice immediately is that /h/ is unvoiced, and that the voice only begins on /iː/.

Check it out….Can you start the voice on /h/? No, well that’s interesting.

So, what is happening to produce the /h/?

Try these pairs where the only difference is the presence of /h/ in the first of each pair. Can you sense the movements that produce /h/?

/hæt/   /æt/    hat, at

/hɑːt/   /ɑːt/   heart, art

/heɪt/   /eɪt/   hate, ate


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