How hate works – Holy Kaw!

Posted on 24/05/2011


How hate works – Holy Kaw!.


The word “hate,” which comes from the Old English hete, is generally defined as an intense, extreme hostility and aversion to something or someone, usually stemming from fear, anger or a sense of injury. We use it to cover an enormous range of feelings and situations, from the child who “hates” broccoli or doing spelling homework, to the leader of a country who tries to exterminate everyone of a certain religion or ethnicity.

There are several different angles from which to investigate the nature of hatred — from history to sociology. In this article, we’ll focus on the more extreme kind of hate — the sort of hate ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, who in the fourth century B.C. was one of the first to contemplate the intricacies of enmity, called misos.

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