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In memoriam: Robin Williams

August 13, 2014



In memoriam: Robin Williams. Ha vuelto a suceder. Otro de los actores que marcaron nuestra vida se marcha inesperadamente y no sabemos qué decir, cómo reaccionar. La muerte de Robin Williams es una de esas muertes, porque estamos acostumbrados a asociar su nombre con una sonrisa y no con un mazazo semejante. Quizá el lector estime que mazazo […]

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Obituary: How Lou Reed shaped rock

October 28, 2013



BBC News – Obituary: How Lou Reed shaped rock Lewis Allan Reed, better known as Lou, was a singer and guitarist famous for his deadpan voice and distinctive lyrics. In a career spanning many decades – both in the band The Velvet Underground and his subsequent solo career – he had a huge influence on […]

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Healthy fear, toxic fear

October 25, 2013



Healthy fear, toxic fear | Pilar Jerico by PILAR on October 21, 2013 If you are afraid, it’s good news- it means that you’re alive! We only stop experiencing fear in one of three situations: when we call it something else, when we suffer brain damage or when we are dead.

Spanish satirists Crackovia’s view on Gareth Bale

October 23, 2013


Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 10.40.31 AM

Spanish satirists Crackovia compare Gareth Bale to Forrest Gump in their latest episode ahead of El Clasico Real Madrid star Gareth Bale is being portrayed as Forrest Gump on the popular Spanish TV show Crackovia. In their latest episode, shown on Monday night, former Tottenham hero Bale is directly referred to as Forrest Gump, while […]

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Morrissey’s Autobiography is nearly a triumph

October 18, 2013


Morrissey Autobiography

Morrissey’s Autobiography is nearly a triumph, but ends up mired in moaning | Music | For its first 150 pages, Autobiography comes close to being a triumph. “Naturally my birth almost kills my mother, for my head is too big,” he writes, and off we go – into the Irish diaspora in the inner-city […]

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Billy Fury – Gonna Type A Letter

October 18, 2013


Originally posted on Juke Music:
A great, neglected slice of early British rock ‘n’ roll from the B-side of Fury’s first single (Maybe Tomorrow) in 1959. While it has much to recommend it – the energy, the simplicity, Fury’s vocal and the proof that Brits could occasionally get rock ‘n’ roll right – the best…

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Autobiography by Morrissey – The other side of the coin

October 18, 2013


Brittish singer Morrisey performs during

Droning narcissism and the whine of self-pity – Reviews – Books – The Independent Morrissey’s reputation will survive this, but Penguin Classics won’t

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